Lost property: 123 Lib Dem policies

So, what is today's Lib Dem policy? Any ideas? No, me neither.

Back in January, the Welsh Lib Dems said they'd be announcing a policy a day in the run up to the Welsh Assembly Election on May 3rd. That's something in the region of 123 policies.

But what are they? And just as importantly, where are they?

Take a peep at the Welsh Lib Dem home page and there's no mention of it. Strange, most parties find it hard enough to promote one or two key policies, let alone pledges in excess of one hundred.

In fact, just about all that's memorable about the Lib Dem campaign so far is Mike German's suggestion that PR in local government might no longer be a deal-breaker for any coalition agreement.

The only way the Lib Dems could hope to get even a fraction of these policies recognised is by asking Eleanor Burnham to organise a military coup and taking control of state television. Perhaps, at their conference this weekend, they'll be a little less ambitious.

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At 11:34 am, Blogger Peter Black said...

You will find all the policy ideas on the news page Ciaran at http://www.welshlibdems.org.uk/home_e.asp

The website will be revamped once the election gets underway with more emphasis on the 100 plus policies that we will be promoting in our manifesto. That will include PR for local government which will still be there in the mix as part of negotiations in any coalition deal and remains as important as ever in determining whether the Welsh Lib Dems sign up to a deal or not.

Mike German agrees with me on this despite the strangely exotic interpretation of his words in the past in which he did not say what you are attributing to him.

As for whether we are able to put them into effect I only have to point to the 100 plus Lib Dem policies put into effect by the 2000-2003 Partnership Government.

At 11:55 am, Blogger Blamerbell said...

Peter, thanks for clearing that up.

However, I genuinely struggled to find anything about the 'policy a day' campaign on the internet, which is surprising given that it's already been going so long. Your average voter is not going to sift through reams of individual news pages; they'll just give up.

Glad to hear you're revamping - can't come soon enough:)

At 12:07 pm, Blogger Peter Black said...

If you let us have an appro[riate e-mail address we will gladly add your and any other journalism students to our circulation lists. Send details to my Assembly e-mail account.

At 12:16 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

"we will gladly add..."

I will do. But I'm not sure that's the point.

At present, if I were just a curious member of the electorate then I'd be finding it diffcult to keep in the Lib Dem 'policy a day' loop.

At 12:29 pm, Blogger Glyn Davies AM said...

Apart from a Local Income Tax (not devolved) and PR in local government (now negotiable), I can't think of a single one of these 100 policies. Perhaps Peter should post them on his blog. I suspect more people read that than will read any other little list the party put up.

At 2:25 pm, Blogger Ted Jones said...

It seems to me that the Lib Dems are basing their campaign on being the post election deal breakers.

If this is what their campaign is all about then surely what we need to see are clear red line policies.

I'm afraid their ambiguity on all these issues looks like they are only interested in selling themselves to the highest bidder.

The Western Mail editorial today was quite damning stuff.

At 4:11 pm, Blogger Peter Black said...

Our policies will be there for all to see when we publish our manifesto.

At 11:43 pm, Blogger Karen Roberts said...

They're quite easy to spot on the news pages really - they have POD written alongside them.


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