Blame it all on the BBC

Bashing the BBC is the new vogue in the political world. First, Leighton Andrews got stuck in to the broadcaster for daring to be as impartial as Westminster and Holyrood at election time. Then, Glyn Davies got in a strop because he felt news stories on his blog were being overlooked. And just when the BBC thought it could let down its mud-slinging guard, Jane Davidson waded in and blamed it for voter apathy.

While Jane is out on the streets shoving leaflets into the hands of people who probably think she's just another one of those annoying people from Oxfam or Save the Children, the BBC are ignoring the Welsh assembly election, according to Labour's Education Spokesperson:

There is still a huge level of ignorance out there about the elections on May 3rd and people don't appear to be getting information from the BBC – the so-called public information channel. Today, I didn't hear any mention on the news at all. Considering the election campaign period formally kicked off on Monday and it is only Wednesday, this would be unthinkable in a general election. And then of course the BBC and others will blame politicians for voter apathy….

After all that, Trident-hating Jane rounds off the post on her MySpace blog with a swipe at the opposition parties:

Parties choosing to mislead voters by playing to people's fears do politics no service at all. We should be fighting this election responsibly on what each party has to offer positively, not with the politics of fear.

Hear hear, I agree completely. The fact that Labour statements on Plaid Cymru are now routinely peppered with the words "arrogant", "dishonest" and "weak" is, I'm sure, merely incidental:)

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At 1:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parties choosing to mislead voters by playing to people's fears do politics no service at all.

Someone should introduce her to the words "pot", "kettle" and "black".

At 10:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One reason that the election is given so little attention year round as well as now is because Labour havn't actually done anything interesting or news-worthy in 4 years.

The smoking ban and free perscriptions were implemented in the last week of the last Assembly - can anyone remember what happened in the previous 200 weeks?

Of more concern is the way the information adverts about the smoking ban, whilst correct during the time the Assembly sits, it now nothing more than a free PPB for the Labour Party. Surely there should be a guideline about promoting one party's policy during the run-up to an election?


At 11:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

see ted jones's blog on the media in Wales for an interesting insight...


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