The facts about Rhodri and Iraq

I should have been listening to Rhodri Morgan's interview on Good Morning Wales last week a little more closely. The World Socialist Web Site was much more attentive and appears baffled by the Welsh Labour leader's remarks on the Iraq war (hat tip Dylan J-E).

The article quotes Rhodri saying that those concerned about the war in Iraq were “probably Guardian-reading, chattering-class Labour supporters” whose impact would only be “slight.” I presume, he doesn't count himself among them.

As First Minister, Rhodri never stated an opinion on the war, as his Lib Dem opponent in Cardiff West never ceases to remind us.

But the impact of this muesli-munching majority/minority should not be understated. A recent poll by ICM for the BBC asked: "Which, if any, of the following issues do you think will be important to people when it comes to deciding which political party to vote for in the Welsh Assembly elections?"

Predictably, the Health Service came top on 90%, but a whopping 44% said Iraq. The Guardian-reading chattering classes are evidently on the march. Whoever they are, 44% does not equal "slight".

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At 7:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting, thanks for that Blamy.

At 7:55 pm, Blogger Chanticleer said...

Rhodri wrote to Des Browne during the Iranian captives crisis, expressing his support for the efforts to secure the release of the 15 Royal Navy Personnel (three of whom were from Wales).

Is that outside his remit?

(Those comments were made in a GCap Media interview broadcast on its stations in Wales last week.)

At 10:57 pm, Blogger Dylan Jones-Evans said...

The reason I put this forward is because national issues such as Iraq, pensions and the honours issue are coming up when we go from door to door.

Rhodri may want this to be about Welsh issues only but I don't think the voters agree with him

At 11:23 pm, Blogger Reactionary Snob said...


Thought I'd pop on. Yes, guest columns would be a nice touch. I'll keep in contact - good blog. A quick skirt round your blog means I know more about Welsh politics than I think I have ever done.

Thanks for the kinds words over at the Snob.


At 8:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is hardly surprising that national issues such as Iraq come up on the door step when most Welsh voters get their info from the UK media.Looking at Labour's manifesto most voters would probably rather give Blair a bloody nose than vote for Rhodri's mammas. What a wierd idea from the middle class of Cardiff to believe that there are thousands of women just waiting to look over the screaming brat of the teenage Vicky Pollard next door.


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