And on the sixth day, God made Leighton

For them, politics is like a cult. They congregate around certain figures, whom they hold in great esteem. It's almost like hero-worship. If you can call a man in a suit a hero.

They are, of course, the followers - the political enforcers who will not have a word said against their man. And for some reason, don't ask me why, they tend to congregate around the right wing of the Labour party.

For England, see Blairism. For Wales, see Leightonism.

Whatever you might say about Leighton Andrews, he is first and foremost a very effective Labour assembly member for the Rhondda. He is outspoken and combative - just the type of guy the assembly needs. Perhaps followers are an inevitable consequence of strong leaders (although Mr Andrews leads nothing much yet). What's certain is that they exist, and they put themselves about.

Let's take for example, David Taylor, Mr Andrews' researcher. He has a track record to make the Labour right proud:

It is, I'm sure you'll agree, a fairly impressive CV. There's evidence of a lot of graft here, and I can't imagine it's been done for no reason. These people are well-organized and ruthless. The territory, it seems, has been set. And after this election, there may just have to be a battle.

So, how long will it be, do you think, before that crucial Leighton4leader domain gets registered too?

Generous hat doffs to Tim Ireland, Dizzy and The Register.

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posted by Blamerbell @ 12:04 pm,


At 12:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

// There's evidence of a lot of graft here, and I can't imagine it's been done for no reason //

Could say the same about your post on him. It's a bit pointless and hardly relevent two days before an election.

soounds like you're the one with the agenda.

btw, if you think he is behind arsembly, you're wrong. he was in north wales when sanddef did his interview in cardiff.

At 12:10 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

To those of you trying to access comments on this post earlier, I apologise. The blogger software published the post with an error. It happened before HERE. I've no idea why.

At 12:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we all know david taylor was in north wales. he was shafting darren millar at that hustings.

can't believe all the media took the odious shite's word for what was happening. even though millar denied it!

At 12:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god!

David Taylor and Arsembly MUST be the same person - because they both register domain names anonymously!!!

No one else is clever enough

At 12:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ciaran have you totally lsot the plot?

how can you seriously suggest that DT beating up lib dems in hartlepool, registering johnson domain names and kicking wolfgang out of conference was all aprt of a long game plan of elgihton become first minister in wales.

At 12:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the only people who loath david taylor are the people who are jelous of him. he is an evil genius!

At 12:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

many political Assembly staff plus many members of the Labourlot see him as an odious little geeky twat. the kitchen staff hate him as he is always whinging about the food which is ironic seeing that he is such a fat bastard and has so many helpings. hopefully New Labour HQ will recognise his talents and get him out of Wales quick. last year ge dyed his hair obviously to get more attention from the Ladies, i would have suggested a diet and plastic surgery. him and Leighton make a lovely couple.

At 12:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

also he looks like Gordon Grimshaw from the Grimleys....

At 12:38 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

Play nice people! If you don't use insults in your comments, I won't have to delete them.

And many thanks to the single anonymous contributor who has made no fewer than four comments so far. I'm glad you could devote so much of your lunch hour to this debate!

At 1:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good work blamer

anyone who knows anything about Welsh Labour knows the leadership race has already started

after the election it's going to kick off big time

At 1:57 pm, Blogger Henlaw said...

The only way for Labour to come back in Wales or the UK is for all the odious teenagers of whatever girth to get binned. Apparently the latest 'outside the box' thinking is that income and wealth distribution actually matters to the health of a society! Wow! They can't think without cliches, they know no UK or international history, and they are totally disconnected from the electorate. They certainly can't plan so I wouldn't waste your breathe wondering what they'll do next - just hitch a ride on another 'hero' who is already past his sell-by date.

At 2:13 pm, Blogger Che Grav-ara said...

interesting far as the anonymous comments that it is a pointless post before the election i would say that it offers a strong insight into why Labour have been pushing the tory first minister line. No one really believes it but it obviously serves the personal political aims of a number of labour am's in the run up to their leadership bids!

At 2:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for putting my comments up Blamer. i know they are a bit childish but i believe Mr Taylor really does play the spiteful side of politics and usually gets away with it.
PS he's a fat twat...doh...i cant help it

At 4:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blamer. This bit of fluff is about as exclusive as Primarks new knickers. All of it can be found a in a couple of googlestrokes. Is this because you can't actually out Arse, because neither you or anyone else has managed to find out who he is.

At 4:55 pm, Blogger Martin Davies said...

Democracy, eh? Who needs it? Oh brave new world that hath such people in it!

At 6:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Taylor is a very clever guy. Wasted in NuLab really.

He never sleeps, never switches off. His latest trick is going to Eli's on Tuesday night. pretending to get pissed like everyone else but remembering every last detail of every conversation.

Wouldn't trust him, doesn't mean I don't respect him. He is the most talented Labour staffer in the Assembly. Shame, as he could be putting his skills to far better use.

I have no doubt he is masterminding Leighton's campaign. I'd underestmiate the pair of them at your peril.

At 8:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why would Leighton meed this guy is a very astute and talented guy He ran his own business and made millions He has been a king maker for years So he knows what to do
I wonder why he is an AM and a labour one -by persuasion he is a Liberal.
Talk among the civil servants is that the next FM will be Leightons former employee Andrew Davies backed by Edwina Dweeb Hart and she wil be the neck that turns the Head

At 9:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw, if you think he is behind arsembly, you're wrong. he was in north wales when sanddef did his interview in cardiff.

Or he could have got a co-conspirator to meet with me in his place. There's just no way of knowing. Until Leighton's campaign for the Welsh Labour leadership comes out in the open, of course.

At 11:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've spellt cult wrong it's cunt

At 11:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're right. Taylor is Arsembly. I have suspected that since the blog was launched. the blog's mild anti-Labour jibes are disinformation. It is also common knowledge in Cardiff Bay that he thinks Alun Pugh is a hopeless dumbo

At 11:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plus he would have access to the new assembly website plans. Plot depens

At 12:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is also common knowledge in Cardiff Bay that he thinks Alun Pugh is a hopeless dumbo

To be fair I think everyone except possibly Alun Pugh thinks that as well.

At 9:18 pm, Anonymous sion jobbins said...

Just to say, the Welsh political blog scene has been the best thing about this election.

It's left media commentators looking as if they're speaking loudly, clearly and slowly for those hard of hearing people who 'don't understand politics'. A breath of fresh air.

vote dotCYM tomorrow!



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