All roads lead to Wales

Fridays in Welsh politics are usually as dull as... err, Thursdays in Welsh politics. If Dafydd Wigley sneezes, it'll make it into the Western Mail.

But today, all hell has broken loose.

Well, in fact Charles Kennedy has broken loose, but I presume Mick Bates et al will have him under control as he tours Wales this weekend.

Not to be outdone, the Tories have sent their entire Shadow Cabinet (minus anyone with anything better do to) to hold a meeting in Cardiff. Glyn Davies was so concerned about giving Carol Spelman a lift he drove all the way home to Welshpool to pick up his wife's Merc. I hope he remembered the hat and gloves.

Meanwhile, there's something going on in Caernarfon. Can't quite remember what. I think it involves Plaid Cymru... And despite Ieuan Wyn Jones' appearance on the BBC's Dragon's Eye last night, the coalition rumours haven't been killed off. As the Prez would sing: 'Mae nhw yma o hyd'.

I think we can presume the election campaign is now in full swing.

UPDATE: Labour's Martin Eaglestone will tomorrow present Ieuan Wyn Jones with a contract to sign, categorically ruling out a coalition with the Tories.

Plaid counter that Labour are in no position to judge them on cosying up to the Conservatives after key votes on Trident and Education were only passed in parliament with Tory support.

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