Kevin Etheridge (IND) 6,665
Irene James (LAB) 8,883
Mark McGuire (LD) 1,135
Alan Pritchard (PC) 5,084
Paul Williams (CON) 1,797

Tame start to proceedings. You'll note that we predicted this one a long time ago.

BUT. Last time this was a majority of around 8,000. Now it's just over 2,000. That's a drop of 18% (or 27% since the General Election).

Unfortunately, I don't think Islwyn is a seat we can realistically take as a microcosm of the way Wales will vote. More to come...

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At 2:12 am, Blogger Luke young said...

Peoples Voice's leadership won't be happy, they wanted to get Irene out. They'd (unlikely but [my view]) probably had more chance if they'd given Plaid a clean run.


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