Labour concede Llanelli!

Whispers are that Labour knew the writing was on the wall as early as this afternoon. Plaid were reluctant to make capital in case it dissuaded some of their core vote. Vaughan Roderick is reporting that Labour have now conceded it.

Start of a meltdown or just one of those we always thought would go?

I wouldn't get too carried away. Yet.

But if what we are hearing about Newport East, Newport West, Cardiff North, Carmarthen West, Clwyd West, Delyn, Preseli, Aberconwy... if that's all true. Well, then. Squeaky bums.

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posted by Blamerbell @ 12:47 am,


At 12:58 am, Anonymous seej said...

I hope Helen Mary Gets back in ! Don't think she had a fair crack of the whip last time.

At 12:59 am, Blogger Simo said...

i hope i'm one of the 10

At 12:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so we finally see ceiron's face....
nice tie, but huw's just beats yours!

At 1:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh No.

At 1:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a big surprise Helen Mary was bound to get the SH*G vote!!!!!

At 1:01 am, Blogger Blamerbell said...

"nice tie"

Bet Huw didn't get his from a charity shop!

"i hope i'm one of the 10"

Could well be more.

Pop in and say hello chaps.

"Ugh No."

Sums it up really.

At 1:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey ceiron what a dashing young man
Happy birthday for yesterday
so there are ten of us live blogging
Its not easy is it especially for someone just out of the blog nursery

At 1:04 am, Blogger Blamerbell said...

cheers valleys mam.

keep it up, you're doing a fab job there, especially as I believe you're the only female blogger taking up the challenge tonight.

At 1:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you give the Aberystwyth lecturer a pat on the back for his response to the question 'can you see any patterns' i thought it was hillarious. Your war with Huw is also amusing me and making rather compelling TV - for election night anyway. Please, keep going!

At 1:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lib Dems admit defeat to Plaid in Ceredigion

At 1:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why are nt we hearing more from RCT .......I have had a whisper that Jill Evans has really dented Leighton Andrews any one else heard that

At 1:15 am, Blogger Tortoiseshell said...

Blamerbell - you're doing a great job on the box.

BUT slightly concerned by your comment that "getting the hang of blogging" equates to sending e-mails in to you!

Have posted first bitch-blog comment of the evening in ur direction ;-)

At 1:17 am, Blogger Blamerbell said...

Sorry Tortoise. It *is* all about the conversation though.

If you don't go to paties, you don't make friends..,

At 1:28 am, Blogger Tortoiseshell said...

Pompous comment by Tortoiseshell spokesperson:

"On the contrary, we are winning friends up and down the country, we in the great northern cities etc...cont. p.94..."

dim problem - keep it up - but keep ur feet on the ground for goodness sake!


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