Blair factor sinks Labour conference

Tony Blair is renowned for his ability to rattle off speeches he's just seen as if they are a subject dear to his heart. We're often told he's one of the most convincing speakers ever to have graced the UK political stage. Some even blame our presence in Iraq on the prime minister's unique ability to orate.

So it was all the more surprising, therefore, that Tony Blair sounded completely unconvincing in his speech to the Welsh Labour conference yesterday. Full of umms and stutters and nervous glances back at the script, Blair sounded like a man talking about something he knows next to nothing about. That's because Welsh politics is about as important to the prime minister as remembering to buy loo roll: someone is usually around to take care of it on his behalf.

Yesterday's performance will do little to enhance Labour's electoral chances. It sounded like the speech of a man with his mind on other things. But as long as he sticks around those other things - Iraq, nuclear power, cash for peerages - might themselves have an impact on the Welsh election race.

Rhodri Morgan wants him out; yesterday you could almost see why.

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At 7:17 pm, Blogger Glyn Davies AM said...

And Rhodri's personal attack on David Cameron, increasesd the linkage in the public mind between the Assembly election and with Westminster and Blair - the opposite of what Rhodri says he wants. I think this could have been an unwise strategy on his part.

At 9:06 pm, Blogger bethan said...

nice picture of Blair, blamerbell!

Yes, I don't understand why they think that Blair making a speech on Wales in the run up to an Assembly election is a good idea. Blair is the main reason, ( or one of the reasons) for people deciding NOT to vote Labour in May, after all.

At 7:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who'd have thought that it was Blair who was the inspiration for your hair style

At 1:51 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

"Who'd have thought that it was Blair who was the inspiration for your hair style"

Surely the other way around:)


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