Five issues Labour can't duck

The countdown to the Welsh assembly elections begins in earnest today as Labour meet in Llandudno for their spring conference. Here are five issues they'll have to address if those elections and their aftermath aren't to be an unmitigated disaster:

1. Worst case scenario

Will Rhodri Morgan resign if Labour net only 24 seats? And who will replace him?

2. National Health Shambles

Already committed to a controversial long-term plan and with little new money, how can Labour rescue the health service?

3. Enemy No.1

Election strategy: this week they've been painting it as a straight race with the Tories. But is it wise to overlook Plaid? Attacking the Tories might serve only to motivate their vote, while voters on the left float over to Plaid.

4. "Noises off" getting louder

Rhodri Morgan would rather Tony Blair kept his nose out of the Welsh assembly campaign. But guess who's making an appearance at the conference on Friday? Can Welsh Labour avoid being affected by the scandal and fatigue of the Westminster administration?

5. Said and not done

How can Labour convince people to believe their election promises after the debacle over the 2003 pledge to provide free personal care?

Please feel free to add your own Labour conundrums in the comments section.

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At 1:03 pm, Blogger Left Field said...

I think it would seem odd if the PM didn't go to the spring conference. But beyond that, if Blair really does have the party's interests at heart he'll find an excuse for not getting involved in the Assembly elections.


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