NHS: 'Designed for chaos'

Plaid yesterday called for the government's ten year NHS strategy to be scrapped.

They say the forward plan, called 'Designed for life', is unworkable, with 'peasant revolts' emerging all over the country against controversial hospital closures and mergers.

The plan, which is now almost two years old, sets out a ten-year vision for the NHS in Wales. However, it often reads more like a dreamy aspiration than a firm guiding document. For instance, by 2012 "the Health Gain Targets for Wales will be achieved," and by 2015 "Wales will have a world class health and social care service in a healthy, dynamic country."

...And children will dance and sing in the streets while they scatter rose petals in the sunshine.

On the ground, people see only wards closing and cost-cutting. Each 'reform' will be met with fierce opposition and Wales will stutter, not sprint, towards 2015.

The Tories have made the NHS their battleground for the Assembly election. Plaid waded in yesterday. Health Minister Brian Gibbons will be glad he's fighting a safe seat, because in the next few months, he's going to have his hands full.

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