Accentuating the negative: officially unofficial

So far in this election campaign, Plaid have gone all out on three campaign drives. The seven policies for 2007 (three more than some of their candidates could remember on the Politics Show yesterday), and two attacks on Labour. Never mind the 2:1 ratio, Plaid are now a righteous bunch emphasising positive politics. That, at least, is what we are supposed to write.

But a new 'unofficial Plaid Cymru supporting broadcast', which uses the Plaid Cymru logo and campaigning literature from ex-leader Dafydd Wigley, makes a beeline for the negative and more specifically for Labour's goolies. Using the innovative method of cutting from text-heavy graphics to snippets of online articles, the saving grace for Labour is that only THIS man (world's fastest reader for those not wanting to click on the link) will be able to understand it.

But you'd be hard pushed to know the video isn't straight out of Plaid's head office. The disclaimer comes at the very end, and even then in blurred italicised writing which goes on to link to the official Plaid Cymru website in any case.

There's no suggestion, of course, that Plaid are responsible for this ad, or that they were aware of it. But with social networking sites and blogs backing up parties' official campaigns, it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish top-down party lines from the bottom-up will of their backers.

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At 8:42 am, Blogger Penddu said...

A cracking ad - I wish Plaid WOULD put more things like this out. I like the Rhodri 'Lost' video as well...

At 8:57 am, Blogger Left Field said...

I was so busy enjoying listening to "changes" that I forgot to read the screen captures off what looked like the BBC news site.

It's all very well for parties to say that under them we will live in the land of milk and honey, but I've heard precious little to say how they will achieve it and how it will be paid for.

At 11:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why comment on the unofficial when the official is better...


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