Ted Jones v Tories

Welcome to the first 'Handbag Watch' post. In this exciting new feature, I'll be scouring the blogs for the cattiest remarks as we build up to the assembly election on May 3rd.

Here Plaid blogger Ted Jones takes on his pet hate, the Tories:

"The big problem that the leadership of the Tories face in the Assembly is that their Welsh based MPs are decidedly off message... Their Westminster group if anything are rebelling against the Assembly group – intent on maintaining the nasty right wing, little Englander approach which we all know is the core of the Tories anyway."

Handbag rating: 5

Scores poorly for using only one negative adjective, and even that's quite gentle. Not a bad first attempt. May wish to sharpen the knives before the Tory conference.

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posted by Blamerbell @ 8:40 am,


At 9:40 am, Blogger Ted Jones said...

I'm keeping my big 'clunking fists' for Labour.

The Welsh based Tory Westminster MPs seems intent on undermining their own party's Assembly campaign all on their own.


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