Four days to go and...

Lib Dem leader Mike German is in Aberystwyth again. He might as well buy a second home there. That'll please Elin Jones. Still, he might need somewhere to lie low on election night. Can you really see Plaid making the same mistake twice?

Labour say it's all about partnership. Peter Hain and Rhodri Morgan are going to comb each other's hair for the press sometime this afternoon. Activists will be choking on their clear red water.

Plaid Cymru have finally persuaded some chap called Eurfyl ap Gwilym to come down from London to take the flak over their finance programme. Expect Labour and the Tories to sling the mud with venom. I fear for poor Eurfyl it's going to be like trying to volley it away with a tennis racket - much of it is going to splatter over the brave little soldier's face. And why do Plaid need to 'call in' an expert anyway? Can't any of their AMs do sums?

And the Tories have brought in a notorious vote winner to help them with the final push. Unfortunately, he wasn't available so they've got Michael Howard instead.

1540 UPDATE:
Just one measly sentence on the Welsh elections in the Guardian today. "Polls in Wales suggest Labour will remain the largest party but it is struggling to maintain its majority in the assembly." One measly sentence, and even that is bollocks.

Also, further proof that it's more exciting in Scotland. The Web 2.0 generation has politicised facebook by changing profile pictures to election slogans and writing political graffiti on friends' walls. More from Luke Pollard.

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At 2:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blamers -

"And why do Plaid need to 'call in' an expert anyway? Can't any of their AMs do sums?"

Think out of the box boyo.
Most of our clever welsh kids have moved out of Wales to get jobs. They jobs do not exist here in Wales.
I know ALL my relatives under 40 - all welsh speaking - have moved away and abroad for jobs,but would move back in a blink if Wales had a living to offer them.
So Plaid have asked someone to come down from "London"? So what? Half of London is already run by the Welsh and Scots so it's not surprising that Plaid have access to real talent there. Recognised and real talent. That could help run Wales if we gave them the chance.
We really must take politics more seriously and refrain from the miserable sarcy comments that discourage decent people from joining in.

At 2:34 pm, Anonymous gwylan said...

You say Mike German’s in Aberystwyth. I’ve just been for a quick walk around town – no sign of him here but then since he’s lost weight perhaps I didn’t recognize him.
I doubt if I would recognise the Lib Dem candidate either. Have not seen much of him in Aber. Seen an awful lot of Mark Williams MP, his photos are plastered all over their election pamphlets. Why is he always standing outside a Post Office? And why does he look so cross.

Don’t quite know what the Lib Dems are doing here this time. There seems to be no momentum (nor students) behind this campaign and they are certainly not projecting their candidate as a winner. . yet – I remember what happened last time. As stated above, the impact of their campaign so far has been to project Mark Williams. He’s probably using this election as the first round in his re-election campaign. Wonder whether John Davies realises this? He deserves better support than he’s getting.

At 3:32 pm, Blogger Blamerbell said...

Tetchy, tetchy.

Come on chaps, play nice.

At 3:34 pm, Anonymous gwylan arall said...

..... some chap called Eurfyl ap Gwilym. What? E ap G is not just ‘some chap’ – he was a ‘Penparki’ boy when I new him. Boy done good!


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